If you follow a bunch of dress-uppy Instagram and Facebook accounts, they may have informed you that we’ve crossed into #AllDressApril, an unbreakable hashtag promise to wear a different dress for each day in April. I’m a sucker for things that are arbitrary seasonal and I also have a lot of dresses that I don’t wear as often as I ever swore I would when I bought them, plus I just launched Skirt the Issue, so the timing works out.

After my first dress on Saturday (a Desigual design I bought on the sadly departed MyHabit discount site), I wondered—do I have enough dresses to even make it through to April 30 without having to break out the Christmas cupcakes or the Vegas TAO uniform? The Tatyana dress that’s only acceptable as a Jessica Rabbit costume?

Literally the world’s worst runway.

I went into the closet for a quick count, and it turns out that yes, without including the freak costume stuff I keep in the spare room or the Dress Barn garments with broken zippers I can’t bring myself to throw away but also can’t justify paying a tailor to fix, I have 48 dresses, which was twice the number I’d guessed. Probably because it’s more than twice the number I usually ever rotate through in my everyday life, because when I’m getting ready to go to the office I skip past the vast majority of them. “It’s not a good enough day to wear that,” I think, and fall back on the much more limited number of clothing pieces that aren’t too outrageously fussy and also comfortable but don’t sacrifice all semblance of cuteness and whimsy. There’s a reason I haven’t picked up that Marie Kondo book, and it’s because I don’t want to lose 80% of what I’ve collected over the years.

Today is Day 4, and I’m already dipping into what I normally only wear to readings in Portland or family dinners. It’s nice to give life to things I normally consider too awesome for the vast majority of my life, although my feet are already casualties of monstrous high heel blisters—my office is extremely casual and “tidy” jeans are allowed every day of the week, so I usually rotate heels out with boots or other comfy things every other day or so. I’m walking on sunshine! And by sunshine, I mean a throbbing blister that burns with each step.

My biggest question—is anyone going to notice that I’m wearing a dress every single day? Assume I’m interviewing everywhere? Catch me trying to take full-body selfies without a stick or assistant (Matt is in Tokyo and I don’t have enough characters to go into how jealous I am right now)? Recommend I see a doctor about my nasty new limp?

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